Welcome to Cocktail Society. A celebration of all that tipples, muddles, shakes and stirs. Where the innovation of contemporary mixology meets a bar repertoire that steeped in history. Our standards are high, our vocabulary fluent and our ingredients are very, very fresh. We are going to make some truly beautiful drinks together.

Welcome to the renaissance of the cocktail. The craft of drink has been resurrected, deconstructed and damn near perfected in the capital cities of our super connected globe. Cocktail Society has been there. Documenting this classic tradition’s reemergence and refining its sleekly realized new incarnations. Time to share.


Ready to expand your repertoire?  We’ve put together a  comprehensive list that will take you on a stroll through cocktail history.

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Learn the skills and subtleties behind the very best cocktails and add that extra level of craft and knowledge that will make you exceptional.

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How do we build the world’s premium digital drinks hub? Pour your interest into a shaker of cocktail culture, strain through our expertise and garnish with endless hours behind the bar.

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Three cardinal rules. Keep it simple. Keep it fresh. Keep it cold. For your home bar you want to start slow and grow gradually, so focus on mixing a select few drinks superbly.

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Planning to have friends over for drinks?

A very easy way to serve multiple drinks in a quick way...

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In the up and coming area Cambridge Heath in London, on the corner of Poyster St and Cambridge Heath Rd, you’ll find some of the best drinks in...

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The Zetter Townhouse and cocktail lounge is located in London just across the cobbles of St John’s Square from the original Zetter Hotel in...

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New Orleans Blues

Feel the rhythm of the 1920’s in our Spotify list New Orleans Blues.

Harlem Cocktail

Harlem is more known for it's amazing music scene than the cocktail bearing its name. Here is a playlist inspired by the cultural movement Harlem Renaissance.

On Screen Cocktail Tunes

From Mad Men to Miami Vice. Here's a playlist with tunes from our favorite drink related series and films.

Dry Martini

The iconic Dry Martini now has it’s own playlist! If you have a tune you feel is good enough for this immortal drink, let me know and we’ll add it…maybe.

Spring Time

Love is in the air and the blossoms on the trees stir up the honey bees. Listen to some energizing music and take your spring cocktail outside and enjoy the sunshine!

Prohibition Hits

A Jazzy list of old goldies from the roaring 20’s, swing you ”forgotten” cocktails to these songs and you’ll go back in time.. watch out for the Flapper’s though .

Inside Havana

Old school and new school, but the common factor is the fiery rythms and soul of Cuba. Trumpets, Claves, Bongos, Maracas and Tres… it’s all you need to accomplish your Daquiri’s and Mojito’s.

Cocktail Hour

A collection of easy listening songs for a relxed time, this will definitly get you in mood for a sophisticated cocktail.

Party List

Here’s a bunch of tunes to get you goin, modern beats that’ll carry you throughout the night.